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At South Bunbury Primary School, we have a whole school approach to the teaching and learning of numeracy knowledge and skills across our K-6 classrooms. Our Mathematics program aims to develop students’ numeracy skills in the areas of Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability. Teachers focus on developing students’ understanding of basic facts fluency (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), reasoning skills needed to explain their ideas to others, and problem-solving. These teaching and learning approaches are all underpinned through the explicit use of mathematical language essential for understanding the ‘big ideas’ in Mathematics. 

Our teachers use strategies from a variety of evidence-based programs and resources, such as Origo – Stepping Stones in Years 1-6, the Origo animated big book series in Kindergarten to Year 2, First Steps Mathematics, Bond Blocks in K-3, and Paul Swan activities and games to teach all 3 strands of the Mathematics curriculum. 

Our focus is on developing students’ basic facts understanding, fluency, and application across more complex tasks to ensure every student is successful and demonstrates year on year growth. Teachers engage students with hands on experiences using concrete materials, Bond Blocks, Numero, and a variety of activities and games to provide daily opportunities for students to consolidate essential numeracy skills.  

Additional support is provided to students through: 

  • Differentiated curriculum provided by the classroom teacher 
  • Bond Blocks numeracy support groups run 3 days a week across Years 3-6 

Extension opportunities are provided to students through: 

  • Differentiated curriculum provided by the classroom teacher 
  • Have Sum Fun Online (HSFO) competition provided by the Mathematical Association of Western Australia (MAWA) Students work in teams of 4 to solve a series of complex mathematical problems, competing against other schools across the state. HSFO is run in terms 2-4 and open to identified students in Years 3-6.  
  • The AFG Primary Interschool Numero competition Students work in teams to compete in a series of mathematical challenges that requires basic facts understanding, reasoning and problem-solving skills to strategise and complete challenges against other teams.